Whangaparaoa College is located in one of the most beautiful areas of New Zealand. It boasts a coastline of golden beaches, a regional park and a world-class golf course. Whangaparaoa is Mach for Bay of Whales and these majestic animals can be seen moving around the peninsula at certain times of the year.
Established in 2005, our school has the most modern buildings and facilities in New Zealand and we offer a wide variety of schooling, social and outdoor activities.

Whangaparaoa College incorporates the best educational practice from New Zealand and around the world.

The school delivers an innovative curriculum with intensive use of modern technologies within an environmentally aware site.

Access to Technology

Access to Technology Whangaparaoa College has one of the most modern computer networks in New Zealand, along with an extensive range of other technologies.

Teachers and learners at Whangaparaoa College enjoy a fun, relaxed and exciting atmosphere with pleasant surroundings and great views over Stanmore Bay

Great learning Facilities

The school has exceptionally modern facilities designed specifically for an improved learning environment


Whangaparaoa College believes in:
• The high importance of learning 
• Valuing the individual
• Challenging ourselves • Giving of our best
• Respecting oneself, others, and the environment
• Being a safe and well-managed school
• The importance of strong and appropriate relationships
• The vital partnership of home and school 

Why Whangaparaoa?

At Whangaparaoa College, you will learn in one of the most modern schools in New Zealand. The school opened in 2005 so all the buildings are in perfect condition. Computers are readily available and every student has access to the internet. International students can Skype their families directly from the school.

There is a special common room for international students and a classroom for the teaching of English language support. As well there are all the facilities of a large, modern well-equipped school.
There is a very large gymnasium and an excellent performing arts centre. Dance, Drama and Music are all part of the life at the college and many
international students participate in these activities.

The school is very spacious covering 19.5 hectares, with wide-open spaces and large fields. It is close to the beach and classes will often walk to the beach for science or other lessons. Most learners walk to school from home or use the inexpensive school bus.
It takes about 30 minutes by the motorway to get to the centre of Auckland City. Auckland is a large city with world-class recreation activities. It is often called the City of Sails because there are so many people sailing. It has also the facilities of a large city including restaurants, sports stadiums, music and cultural events, and outstanding art galleries.